Shuttle transportation

Charlotte Douglas International Airport shuttle transportation offers a various choice of assignments starting with shared ride shuttles for people who want to same money till private rides and taxis.

Speedy Shuttle

The airport also provides a speedy shuttle with short or long-term parking decks.

Shuttle Options

In the top of best-pre-arranged shuttle services is 'Affordable Charlotte Shuttle' or 'All-City Transportation and Shuttle.' For travelers on budget Columbia Charlotte Shuttle and Queen, City Shuttle provides a cheap service.

If you are looking for a private car from a Charlotte neighborhood, ‘Absolute American Transportation’ provider offers luxurious limousine and car service.

Inter-Terminal Transport

Charlotte Douglas International is a small airport with all concourses located close to each other. The best and the only way to get between concourses is to walk. For example, you can walk between the furthest to each other gates in 15 minutes. Passengers with any health issues can contact their airlines, and they will provide wheelchair assistance.