About terminal

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has the only terminal with five concourses and 115 gates inside of them.

Concourse A has 22 gates, and such companies as Air Canada, American Air, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, and United use it. It was opened in 1986 and extended in 2016. The extension is going to split into two parts-first happened in 2016, and the second is in 2020 with additional renovation in 2020.

Concourse B was opened in 1982 and had 16 gates, which are used for American flights and have an Admiral Club.

Concourse C has 18 gates and serves American flights, provided by Republic Airways. An Admirals Club is between the C and D concourses.

Concourse D has 13 gates that serve international flights. Also, American Airways operate some domestic flights from this concourse. Companies as Volaris and Lufthansa use it.

Concourse E has 46 gates, and the American Eagle company operates over 340 flights per day. That is the highest number of flight operations in the world. For any air carrier, you can use gates E1 through E3.

The Arrivals and Departures Terminals

The Arrivals level has the baggage claim place with luggage belts, with an information desk, ATMs, particular areas between C and B carousels. Concessions located near to the main doors.

The Departures level of the main terminal has the check-in facilities and checkpoints for concourses A, B, C, D, and E. ATMs, cafes, coffee-shops located on the Departures level, its Atrium and at all concourses.


There is a glass-enclosed complex at Charlotte Airport. This complex is called the Atrium. It is located within the Departures level, surrounded by concessions and services (including a chapel on the upper level, TSA pre-check pre-enrollment center, and the USO lounge).