All checkpoints at Charlotte Douglas International Airport are under control of the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Only passengers with tickets have permission beyond the checkpoints. All concourses and aircraft gates have access from any security checkpoint.

For any security-related information, contact the TSA:

E-mail: [email protected]; Number: 1-866-289-9673.

Security Screening

TSA supposes by itself different and sometimes unexpected measures to complete the quality security transportation mission.TSA security controls everything starting with a quantity of bags and packages finishing by human behavior, individual activities at the airport. Passengers should also report to law enforcement in case they've noticed something suspicious. For being safe during the flight, all passengers have to be checked by security agents. The procedure takes time, and they do it to find out forbidden items staff.

TSA security provides checking of your carry-on bags by screening on special lanes. By the way, you have to pack electronic devices separately, and agents will put them under X-rays. Besides baggage, you also can be checked. An officer who is the same gender as yourself will pat down you, and you have to explain the officer about health problems to prevent painful touch.


In all airports, you have to do the procedure of identification what means you have to show your valid passport information. Make sure you don't forget it; otherwise, you won't be allowed on an aircraft side. Also, if your identity cannot be verified, you won't be able to enter the screening checkpoints.

Checkpoint Schedules at CLT

You won't be allowed to enter inspection once they all closed. Checkpoint A scheduled from 4 am to 8:15 pm; checkpoint B opened from 4:30 am till 10:45 pm.

The most preferred checkpoint is C, from 5 am to 9:15 pm; checkpoint D-from 4 am to 8 15 pm; checkpoint E-from 6 am -10; 15 pm.